成長の原石は【中小企業】にある  The gemstone of growth is in【SME】

成長の原石は【中小企業】にある  The gemstone of growth is in【SME】


What kind of company would you like to work for?

To international students wanting to work in a Japanese company after graduation,

what kind of company would you like to work for? If asked, the type of industry

depends on your expertise, and the answer can roughly be divided into 2 parts.




・One is a large, well-known company with global activities

・The second one is a company with growth potential regardless of size.



There are many other answers but these 2 account for the overwhelming majority.



It is easy to find a big company that is active globally. In other words, many other

people apart from you, will be submitting their entry sheets. Among everyone, only a

few are chosen.



A diamond gemstone has its owntechnological strength」「know-how

So how can we find a company with growth potential?

If you look at company information, every company writes「Our company has a

promising future」. However, we don`t know the truth.



Therefore, I would like to recommend to all excellent international students to look for

a company that possesses「technological strength」or「know-how」, which is the source

of growth potential, even if the size of the company is not large. This is the diamond

gemstone. If it is in an area of your interests, it will be amazing! Let`s find a company

that fits your interests.



If you have excellent brains and dynamic power, you should be able to polish such gemstones into magnificent diamonds. Rather than working in a big company in a limited field, small companies can offer a wide range of work and small and medium-sized enterprises can make use of the abilities you have, enabling you to develop a real career (ability). Microsoft, Apple, Sony Japan, Panasonic were all small, small companies at the beginning.



Finding a GlobalNiche Top position

A few years ago in Japan, a novel called「Shitamachi Rocket」was televised and it

became a hot topic. It is a story about making 「core parts」for weak enterprises to

launch rockets. But surprisingly, about 10 years ago, SMEs in Osaka gathered

together and launched a satellite. The technological power of small businesses in

Japan is amazing!



Japan’s industry is supported by small and medium-sized enterprises with such

technological capabilities.


日本の中小企業には、規模は小さいが、優れた技術力を持って、世界でトップのシェアを獲得している会社も多くあります。これをグローバル・ニッチトップ(global niche top, global niche top players)と呼びます。従業員が10人ほどの会社でも、他にはない技術やノウハウをもっている会社も少なくないのです。

For SMEs in Japan, there are many companies that are small in size but have

excellent technical capabilities and have won the top share in the world. We call these

companies a global niche top (global niche top players). Even in companies with about

10 employees, many of them do not have other technologies and know-how.



From that, how to find a company with growth potential and polish it to a diamond is

where you are going to test your strength. Everyone is experimenting with their own

viewpoint on how to discover the growing gemstone from among many companies.