会社訪問、面接時の服装をアドバイスして下さい。 Please advise on what to wear for company visits and interviews.

  • 2018.03.01
  • Q&A
会社訪問、面接時の服装をアドバイスして下さい。 Please advise on what to wear for company visits and interviews.


Regarding appearance for both men and women, a subdued sense of colour and style and cleanliness will make a good impression.



Since the interviewer is also human, his/her preference may also affect the result of being hired.

So, I am writing 「High probability」(笑)

However, the major premise is that clothing is 「clean」and the individual has a「high level of cleanliness」.




Basically, the suit should fit you.



If it is too big for your figure, you may look untidy, and if it is too small, you appear to be bursting at the seams and if your underwear shows, it is very inappropriate. With regards to pants (trousers or slacks), make sure your brush it and iron the crease before the interview or company visit. Also, it is a good idea to brush your pants when you return home.



There is also a dedicated 「recruit suit」for job-hunting activities but if you choose a 「business suit」, I think it can be used for a long time, even after you start work. If there is an appearance of cleanliness, I think either one is fine.



(※ There is a type of suit called「Recruit Suit」which is worn when looking for jobs, going for interviews and starting work so I wrote it like this)



<Shirt, Blouse>

They should be white. Subdued stripes are somewhat OK. Make sure they are properly ironed and without any wrinkles.





Let us choose clean shoes.

Use a brush to remove dust and dirt. Better still, use shoe cream and polish them. It is even better if you wipe the soles of the shoes with a rag.



Before entering the company, visit the nearest station etc. and check to see that your shoes are clean. If there is dirt, you can literally `see the feet`.

If you keep your shoes properly when you get home, you are secure should you need to go out suddenly to meet a contact.

Shoes support you wherever you go, while you are on the go.



It is important to look after your shoes as there is a superstition that says

「If you take care of your shoes and keep them clean, they will take you to a good place」.






Keep a clean and neat hairstyle. Cleanliness is important.

Ladies should use a hair pin or clip to prevent their hair from falling out of place when bowing. For men, it is inappropriate if their hair is too long.



<Accessories・Small items・Bags>

It is alright to use a hairpin to adjust the hairstyle or hairdo.


鞄(かばん)、バッグは①A4の書類をそのまま出し入れができる大きさの、②落ち着いた色のもの、③スーツに合うもの が望ましいです。

Inappropriate items include earrings, pierced earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings (wedding rings are acceptable), manicures (transparent and colorless), nail chips (attachment nails), perfumes and so on.

Bags and handbags are desirable if (1) the size is enough to put A4 documents as they are, (2) those with a subdued colour, and (3) it is desirable to have matching suits.

Let’s avoid accessories and small items that are both “gaudy” and have a “strong impact” for both men and women.



※When visiting some companies, you may be given materials. You will also need to bring your resume, so make you have a bag or briefcase to carry everything.