Student Advice ”Spirit of Company Loyalty” from Terry

Student Advice ”Spirit of Company Loyalty” from Terry

Continuing on about company loyalty, here are some aspects of it.

Shakun (Corporate Articles)

The company shakun is much like a constitution.
Details differ company by company, although most concern
mental or spiritual attitude. At some companies, employees recite
the shakun during the morning assembly (Chorei).

Shaka (Company Song)

The company anthem is called the shaka.
It is sung at New Year`s parties (shinnenkai) or other
company events.

Shasho (Employee Badge)

Worn on the lapel, the shasho is the company badge and
corresponds to military ID patch. By wearing this badge,
employees feel a sense of belonging to the company.
While the younger salarymen nowadays don`t feel obliged
to wear the shasho, you will see them worn by older salarymen.