Student Advice ”Spirit of Company Loyalty-2” from Terry

Student Advice ”Spirit of Company Loyalty-2” from Terry

Continuing on about company loyalty.

Shanai Gyoji (Company Events)

These official in-house events used to help orchestrate employee loyalty include the nyusha-shiki (hiring ceremony) and the shinnenkai (New Year`s party).

Nyusha-shiki (Hiring Ceremony)

This is a gathering held each April to welcome all the new employees hired for the new fiscal year. The company president will tell all recruits to become effective employees and responsible members of Japanese society. Everyone will the sing together the company song.

Shinnenkai (New Year`s Party)

This gathering is usually held on the first day of work after the New Year`s holidays to pray for renewed prosperity and success. As usual, the president gives a speech, everyone sings the company song and a toast is held after the traditional banzai cheer.

Participating in this process, young salarymen and women soon learn to state the company`s name before their own when meeting new people. As his or her company loyalty is strengthened, the employees come to regard the company as their father, lover, child and even their god. Such employees will devote body and soul for the company`s sake.

Times may be changing and the younger generation finding some of these practices quaint or out-dated, but loyalty is a powerful tool and motivator and has a strong place in Japanese society.