Student Advice ”Various Titles” from Terry

Student Advice ”Various Titles” from Terry


Today, we are continuing our look at the various titles in use in Japanese companies.

Kansayaku (Auditor)
This is the executive in charge of accounting. In many companies, this
role is equivalent to the rank of Director.

Shacho (President)
In most cases, the President rises through the posts of Director and
Vice-President. The President is normally the top person in the company.

Sodan-Yaku (Advisor)
Japanese companies have a tradition of looking after their executives
for the rest of their lives. The Sodan-Yaku is an honorary post for
retired Kaicho (Chairman) or main shareholders. However, there are some
companies where the Sodan-Yaku possess extensive business authority.

This position is fundamentally the same as a Soday-Yaku. It is an
honorary post general reserved for retired directors.

Kaicho (Chairman)
This is an honorary position appointed to a retired President. Although
not involved in the actual day-to-day affairs of the company, his
authority is equal to that of the President since he is involved in key
decision-making matters.


Some other titles you may encounter working for a Japanese company are:

Kojocho (Plant Manager)
This is the person in charge of a single plant, corresponding to a Bucho
in a normal company.

Shitencho (Branch Manager)
This is the manager of a bank branch or other office. Managers of larger
branches correspond to Bucho, while those of smaller branches are
equivalent to Jicho.

Hombucho (Head Office Manager)
The position of Head Office chief defines the role of one in charge of
several departments. In certain cases, this person is the central figure
of authority for an organisation. This position, found in some of the
larger companies, is established at the executive level or just one step
below it.

Shitsucho (Office Chief)
This person is the leader of a comparatively smaller unit. This is a
post equal to that or a normal section chief, although a “President`s
office Chief” may possess considerable authority.